Mark Irving Study PortraitI am an experienced genealogist who has been working professionally for 25 years resolving genealogical problems of inheritance for legal firms, trustees and financial advisors.  Latterly I have been involved with the technical side of genealogy in supporting colleagues with ICT equipment and in using on-line resources effectively.

I started genealogy in 1980, and have been working professionally since 1984, most of this time employed as a probate genealogist, with responsibilities for directing other researchers and for supervising and managing the ICT infrastructure needed for the business.

I served on the GRO consultative user-group for the Family Records Centre in London until its closure in 2008, and advised on the setting up of the Certificate ordering service and was part of the consultation procedures for the (now aborted) GRO digitisation project.

Why Me?

APG_sidebarimageI am a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists who have a code of ethics for 



I have been involved in difficult problems raised by Wills and partial intestacies, and have undertaken some of the most challenging investigative tasks lawyers could throw at me (one  of my former colleagues called my files “the X-files” – we never found many aliens though!).  Not only did I cover the modern period but my work went back to the 1700s in some cases.

I am experienced in using the web and genealogy sites for research purposes, as well as record offices and local archives.





I am now able to offer my considerable expertise directly to the public, executors and administrators.