These files are low resolution copies of Brochures, Leaflets and Articles concerning Grange Genealogy, they are usually A4 double sided, and are 2-fold leaflets.  Click on any of the files below to download.  Printed copies can be sent to you by request (use the contact form on the appropriate page on this website).


Genealogy services & Beneficiaries:

So I'm a Beneficiary Brochure - Information Leaflet for members of the public who have been contacted by Grange Genealogy as beneficiaries. [1.2mb low resolution] 1.16 MB pdf pdf


Stuck on Your Ancestors Brochure - Gives details of genealogical research offered to compile family trees, and other genealogical services. 1.71 MB pdf pdf

Executors & Administrators:

Missing Beneficiaries Brochure - Details of services offered to Executors, Administrators & Trustees for locating Missing Beneficiaries. 1.14 MB pdf pdf


Unclaimed & Missing Funds Brochure - Details services to locate owners/beneficiaries of dormant funds/accounts. 1.5 MB pdf pdf

GG Portal:

Personal Information & Security (GG Portal) - Use and benefit of communicating with Grange Genealogy via this website's secure access area named GG Portal. Leaflet [low resolution] 820.66 kB pdf pdf



Derbyshire & District Law Society Article - Jan 2012 - Derbyshire & District Law Society Article - Jan 2012 1008.61 kB pdf pdf