Mbenefs_mainYou have been contacted…

I will contact you in person, by letter, email or telephone, and sometimes via a relative who has been asked to pass a message on to you.

When I contact you, I will explain as much as I can about the reasons for making contact, and may ask you a few questions about you and your relatives.

As you have been contacted, you or your family need to be located in order to receive an inheritance or give consent to a transfer of funds, Mark’s contact will be to your or your family’s benefit.   

I will usually ask you to give your date of birth and full name and names of your parents, so I can be sure I am contacting the correct person.  You may then be asked to provide additional information to assist me to locate others or to complete my enquiries.

Keeping Information Confidential

ConfidentialAny information you give is confidential and will not be disclosed to others, without your prior consent, usually in writing.  I may use the information you give to locate or contact others, and any relevant information will be passed on to my client.  Your address, name, date of birth will not be given to anyone else except the administrators of the estate or fund, who require the information to administer the estate.  This company is registered with the Data Protection Registrar.

Why?       Do I pay anything to You?      When Do I get My Inheritance

You can contact me via a contact form or contact me via my Private and Secure Client Area on this website (called GG Portal).

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