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This privacy policy statement sets out what information we collect from you and how we protect, store and use that information.  This document will always be current and will therefore be updated from time to time.  Users of the website should check its statements if they have any concern about how any information stored or submitted by users will be used or stored.


‘We’, ‘our and ‘this company’ mean Grange Genealogy, its staff and directors.  Grange Genealogy is a trading name of Migrange Services Ltd, The Grange 76 Grange St, Alfreton, Derbyshire, DE55 7JB, ‘our address’, a company registered in England and Wales, number 7468452, sole director and owner, Mark Irving, ‘our director’.  Our telephone number is 01773 835171 and fax 01773 833213, ‘our contact number’.  ‘Company Data’ means information stored on our computer systems and devices.
‘Users’ refers to anyone who visits the website and views or downloads material from the site, whether on a computer, tablet or phone or other medium (‘your device’), or who reads or views material so obtained.

The terms ‘website’ and ‘GGportal’ refer to the pages, and other media, including content and images, accessed through

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Date of this document

1st July 2020, copyright Migrange Services Ltd.

What we collect from you, the user of this website.

Logs and Cookies

This website collects user information in non-specific statistical form to compile logs of the use of pages, images, and downloadable images and files placed on the website for users.  Our logs which include those compiled automatically by our hosting provider, do not contain any personally identifiable information that might lead to identification of any individual.  These logs are for the proper running, maintenance and operation of the website and for identifying problems and trends for the purposes of further development of the website and services that the company offers.

This website does NOT store any cookies as a result of any user browsing this website. Cookies are small computer files stored on your device that enable websites to recall what a user has done on a visit and may store any information that the user has typed while browsing or options chosen, this website does not use these cookies. Cookies are used in the operation of the website (these do not generate any user specific content and used for site navigation), and cookies are used when any user registers with the website to store the username and hashed (encrypted) password, no other cookies are generated if a user does not register or login to the website. Commenting to a post on the website (see the News & Articles section) will cause any user’s comment name, email address and url used in the comment to be stored in a cookie. If any user is concerned about the use of cookies, then you should delete cookies from your device and prevent cookies from being used while browsing. Some browsers, on a number of devices have a ‘private browsing’ setting and this should be used if a user has any concerns about the use of cookies and retention of information by their device after they have completed browsing this website. Users should consult their help files on their device or consult with their ICT department before browsing, if they have any concerns about cookies. Further explanations can be obtained from the Wikipedia entries for cookies, and from our cookie page which shows further links on how to control cookies from your device.

Personal Information about You.

Users will not have any information stored about them unless they submit one of the forms (‘Contact Forms’) on the website to the company, or register for the GGportal from the registration page or login page of the website ( or  Users will then have the information submitted stored within the website and within company data.  We collect your name, email address, (required) and address and telephone number (if you choose to give these in the contact forms), and any personal or family or other information you submit for the purposes of contracting the company.  We collect and store on the website, your name, employer (if you are acting for a company), address and telephone number and email address if you register for the GGportal, and we will store your username and password on the website and in our company data, for the purposes of securely accessing the website and its material.   We do not store any payment, banking details or other personal information on this website.  We may register you ourselves for the website and notify you of your access codes (username and password), details which will be stored on the website, details which may be kept up to 1 year after the conclusion of any contract with the company; you can request to have this information removed at any time (together with a consequent loss of ability to access GGportal), by emailing the company at our support email address and giving your full name, company and our reference number (found on our correspondence).   It is your responsibility to protect your username and password and not to allow anyone access to your secure area who does not or should not need to do so.  Users who loose their access codes should email the company at the support address.

We do not store any personal information about you on this website, unless registered with the website (see above), but this information may be stored on our own company data and subject to our normal rules in place at the time.

We do not sell, distribute or lease to any other person or company or use for other marketing purposes, except for the purpose of notifying you of our own services as a result of your submissions, any personal information you submit unless we have asked your permission or are required by law to do so.   Your personal information may be disclosed to a person or firm acting in a legal capacity who require your personal details, including your name, address and date of birth, and date of marriage, for the purposes of administrating an estate, you will be notified if this is to be done and your consent obtained.  Your personal information, including your full name, will NOT be disclosed to anyone else without your prior consent, submission of such information via this website does not constitute your consent, unless stated on the form through which your submission is made.   Anyone who is concerned about the submission of his/her personal information, is advised to telephone the director at the company address.

Contact Forms & Security

The contact forms on this website request information from users depending on the form used, as different parts of the website are focused on differing areas of genealogy, and these forms are submitted at each user’s own risk, as these are transmitted in non-encrypted, ‘normal’, email to our director, and any files so submitted will also be sent as non-encrypted attachments to the email.   We cannot take any responsibility for the loss of any information so submitted, and will not guarrantee that it be returned.

Contact forms and files submitted via the secure access part of the site, GGportal, will be transmitted via the HTTPS protocol, and will be encrypted in transit to the website where they will be stored until retrieved (downloaded) by the director or his staff and then stored under the usual condition of storage (see Security below).   Files and data within these forms will be stored on the website and accessible only to validly logged in users.  Submitted data and files, including files uploaded by the company will be removed from the website within 3 months of the end of any relevant research or termination of a research contract.  Files will then be archived by the company in accordance with its usual rules in force at the time.


The newsletter links found on our website ask for just your email address, and this will only be used to send the periodic newsletter that the company sends out (by email).  Your email is stored separately from other information, on the website and downloaded to company data and backups.  We will use this email from time to time to send you news and information about the company and offers.  You can opt out, unsubscribe, by following the instruction at the bottom of any newsletter or email or by sending email to the newsletter email address.

Security of Submitted Information

A User’s name and any address and contact number information once received will be stored securely on our computers and accessed only by our director or one of his staff.  Any paper files created will be stored in a secure cabinet when not in use, and will only be stored for the purposes set out in our request to you the user or as set out by you in the contact form submitted.   This company is registered with the Data Protection Registrar for England and Wales.

Links to other websites

We may from time to time, link to other websites we think may be of interest to you, and you should be aware that once you leave our website and open a new page at another website, we cannot be responsible for protection of your personal information, nor for the security and privacy of such information, you should check the linked website’s privacy statement if you have any doubts or concerns.

Other Privacy Issues

Any other privacy concerns raised by the operation of this website or its use, should be directed to our director using the support email address and headed ‘Privacy Issues’. Your concerns will be investigated and you will receive a response in full normally within 14 days, if not sooner, and subject to our director’s availability. You will be notified of a likely time scale when your issue is raised. Any inappropriate content or sensitive material will be removed, or users suspended, once the issue has been identified. Any action taken will be solely at the descretion of the website management panel and the director, whose decision is final.

Your rights to disclosure of information held about you.

You have the right under recent legislation to request details of personal information held by us about you. We will make a small charge of £25.00 for sending you copy of what is held. You should write to us at the company address, stating your full and address, and any reference you have from us, enclosing a cheque in payment of the fee, made payable to ‘Grange Genealogy’.