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1900s Old Family Picture

Finding Your Roots:  I offer an individually customised research service to assist you complete your family history research or to overcome some research problem that you have encountered … more..

DNA:  You may be considering a DNA test for your ancestry, or have recently had the results of a test. Learn how you can make sense of the results or select the right test for you … more..

Talks&Tuts_mainTalks & Tutorials (Branches):  I also offer to tutorials for you, or for a group of family historians known to you, customised to your needs, tutorials can take place in your home or at a venue of your choice… more..

FamilyTrees_mainFamily Trees:  I can prepare and design computer printed (digital) family trees for many purposes, and in most formats, including personally designed.  Family Trees can have images of ancestors (or descendants) if required… more..

Royal Family TreeA descendant chart showing the relations of Prince Philip & Queen Elizabeth, exhibited next at…

3onPier_1Missing Beneficiaries:  If you are an Executor or Administrator of an estate where you need to trace a beneficiary who is named in the will or entitled on intestacy, I provide a tracing service that may assist you in locating the current address you need.  Please contact me directly by phone and I will discuss what can be done to assist… more..


Mbenefs_mainSo You Are a Beneficiary?:  If you have been contacted by Grange Genealogy, about an inheritance then I have provided answers to some of the questions you may have… here..

Academic and ResearchTracing Services:  I provide a tracing and location service for researchers in industry and for authors and academics who need to locate a person or family in connection with their research… more..