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Family Trees

All family trees given to public clients and legal clients are copyright of Migrange Services Ltd.

‘Family Trees’ are charts in one of the standard genealogical diagram formats (eg ‘descendant chart’) containing the names, dates of birth, marriage and death and other relevant information, including where necessary to the instructions received, current addresses, and relationships between persons identified on the said chart.  These are provided to clients at the conclusion of research or investigations (in the case of beneficiary enquiries) usually, but not exclusively, in .pdf format.

Clients are given the freedom to reproduce and distribute whether digitally or in print, without sale or benefit in kind, to their immediate family members only (in the case of public clients: siblings, parents or children of the client), or the freedom to distribute or copy to those who may require sight of the family tree for the purposes of the administration of the estate or resolution of any legal dispute; as long as any attribution on the family tree remains in place and the copyright notice thereon, including company details shown thereon, remains in place in the format and size originally given.

The company reserves the right to amend the family tree if it is required to be distributed to wider audiences or to a group of beneficiaries (who are not legal administrators or executors).  This amendment will be done by the company only, after consultation with the client or legal client, amendment by other persons must only be undertaken after written consent of the company has been obtained.  The company reserves the right to decline to amend any family tree if it believes, in its sole opinion, that such amendments would infringe the rights to privacy of persons shown, or reveal personal information that the subject has not given consent to reveal, or if any such amendments suggested by clients would present as factual something which the company believes to be incorrect or wrong.  Any amended family tree will be subject to the same reproduction and distribution conditions as the original version, unless consent to a change in these conditions is obtained.

Family Trees are not permitted to be sold, even with the company attributions.  Clients who wish to sell copies to family members should arrange the fee per copy with the company, and this fee paid to the company before any distribution to family members.

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