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FamGroupgarden_May1955I will usually contact you in connection with the death of a relative or acquaintance who has recently died (although this may have occurred a year or more before I contact you), and where the estate [the property and possessions of the deceased] needs to be given to those able to inherit.  You may be the only beneficiary or may be one of several beneficiaries.

As your address (and name) may not be known to the Executors or Administrators, I am carrying out enquiries to find those who may inherit.

My task is to provide the Executor or Administrator with the names, addresses and supporting evidence of relationship, in order that those who are entitled to benefit (the beneficiaries) receive their inheritance.

Do I pay anything to You?

Writing a chequeYou will not be asked to pay any money to me or to pay anyone else in the future to receive any inheritance.  The Executors or Administrators of the estate will contact you when my enquiries are complete and will then explain what you will receive.

Occasionally you may be asked to sign a contract agreeing that my fees can be paid by you from your share of the estate or funds.  This payment will be deducted by the administrator of the estate and the balance paid to you.  You will still not pay anything from your own pocket.

When Do I Get my Inheritance?

Clock FaceMy enquiries to locate all those I need to, may take a few weeks but can take a few months, sometimes longer.  You may not be the only person or family I have to locate, and you may not know of their whereabouts or even anything about some of the other families.  Obtaining copies of records from the UK and internationally can take a week or more, and sometimes longer abroad, and locating some families can take several months.  The Administrators or Executors of the estate can only proceed to distribute the estate, when my enquiries are complete.

movehomeIf you move address or are likely to be away for more than a few weeks you should contact either me or the Executors or Administrators, so your inheritance is not delayed.

Speeding things up

The quicker you can supply the information I have asked the quicker I can get my report to the Executor or Administrator, and he can then finalise the administration and distribute the funds to the beneficiaries… more.

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