Speeding Up

Stack of British Pounds

How can you speed up getting that inheritance?

deskphotos1My enquiries may not progress until you have sent me what I have asked for, so kindly go through your family papers, birth marriage and death certificate

find your birth and marriage certificates and look up your old photos, Don’t purchase anything, just let me know what you have and haven’t got!

and get that reply off to me as soon as you can.

phoneletemailCall me if you have any queries. Use the post (I may have sent you a reply envelope), or email (use the email address on correspondence), use the contact form on this page where you can send me copies of any documents or completed questionnaires (you will need to have copies scanned or prepared on your pc/mac to do this).


I have also provided a Private and Secure Client Area (called GG Portal) from which you can securely send me information and where you can view and download documents or correspondence for you.  Using a login process (with name and password) ensures that only you can view the page and only I can see what you have sent.   You can put information here that you do not want others to see or know.  See my letter or email to you to discover your login details, or email me using the Contact Form above to get them.

The quicker I can get that information you have, the quicker I can proceed.

Even when my enquiries are complete, the administration of the estate my not yet be done – property may not have sold, tax returns may not be complete, but by acting quickly you will speed things up as much as you can.  It is in everyone’s interest to quickly resolve any questions about who might be able to inherit.

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