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Anyone Missing?What is the Cost?

If you need to locate the current address of a legatee or beneficiary, then contact me and provide me with:

  • details of what you need to find out, and a copy of the Will (if applicable),
  • and what enquires you have undertaken thus far.

I will look at the details and get back to you with some idea of the costs and time involved to complete the research and enquiries.

I do not charge for the initial consultation, and will not proceed with any enquiries until I have your instructions to do so.

My fees are agreed with you at the outset, all research is directed by me, and in most cases carried out by me, personally.  Where enquiries are not carried out personally, I check all results of the research and enquiries myself.  You can request details of the current state of my enquiries at any time.

Missing Beneficiary Brochure

If you are local (East Midlands area) I can arrange to see you personally to discuss what can be done to locate any beneficiaries.  Please mention that you would like a visit when contacting me.

Please complete the Contact form with brief details of that which you wish to refer to me. You may send a file [pdf, docx, doc, xls, xlsx or txt file, up to 1mb] via this form also.

Use the ‘Respond Via‘ box to indicate how you wish me to contact you & place any instructions and comments in the Message box.

I will contact you as soon as I am able to consider your information. A copy of what you have sent will be emailed back to you.

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