Family Trees


 There are as many family trees as there are genealogists!

Of course, every genealogist and every one else has their own family tree – brothers and sisters will share a family tree, so the first question the genealogist asks is: Who is it for? and What is the purpose?

Many family trees show either descent or ascent of a individual, detailing the names, dates and family of either ancestors or descendants.  They can be drawn from top to bottom, right to left, and in a specific shape (like a tree, for example), even can be set out in descriptive form.

Pedigree FT example

Pedigree FT: Left to Right, Descendants – Ancestors

Family Timeline: Left to Right, Past - Present, by person

Family Timeline: Left to Right, Past – Present, by person

Many software packages will draw up family trees from their family databases (Family Tree Maker, and Reunion, for example), and then they can be printed.  Designing and printing these family trees can be quite complicated, and much customisation and skill is needed to get the design looking good.  Printing a large family tree often needs a large format printer to cope with the sheer size.


FT_Ahnentafel (Ancestors) Report example

Ahnentafel Report showing Ancestors (Numbered, Top to Bottom)

Descendant Report example

Descendant Report Top to Bottom.

I can prepare and print your family tree using your family history file (if you use a family history software package)*  or from your own information.  Let me know when you contact me, how you store your family history information.

Preparation and printing of family trees is rarely simple and takes time to complete the design and then print, so as much notice should be given as possible.  If you want to present it for an anniversary or party, then usually a minimum of 6 weeks is required, if you need to supplement any information on the family tree, you should allow plenty of time for this, 2 months would be a realistic minimum.

Contact Form - FTsUse the contact form to send me brief details of what you want to achieve with your family tree.

* Some family history packages may require conversion of their files.  I use Reunion (for Mac) and Family Tree Maker and Roots Magic (on PC).  Example images taken from Reunion produced files.


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