Finding Your Roots more..

What do you need to do now?

First     Put together a family tree chart showing me your genealogical problem and the relationships within that part of the family.  If you have documents (letter, birth/marriage/death certificates etc) copies of these will help too.

Second     Contact me by email, phone or letter, or use the contact form, outlining briefly what it is you need sorting out or resolved, and enclosing the details of the family you have put together. If you can let me know any budget you have this will help.

I will then look at the details you have provided and write back to you with details of what I can do, and what the costs will be.  If you prefer I can speak to you over the phone or I can visit you  (if you are local – Derbyshire/Notts), or you can visit me (Alfreton, Derbys).

Assistance with your own Research

If you would prefer to ask me to assist you with your own research by showing you how to overcome family history niggles, then see my Family History Tutorials page.

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