GG Portal Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions of Use for clients accessing the client area of, a website owned and maintained by Migrange Services Ltd, trading as Grange Genealogy, “the company”.

Use of this area of the website, is by login and password, and access is granted to clients who are instructing or have instructed Grange Genealogy, to undertake work on their behalf, “clients”, or for individuals who have been contacted by Grange Genealogy in the course of its enquiries to locate individuals on behalf of its clients, ”subjects”, referred to as “users”.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, clients and subjects agree the following:

To use the website, in accordance with its general terms and conditions.

To use the access facilities granted, including, any uploaded content which Grange Genealogy may have placed on the site for access, for the sole use of the client in his capacity in which he instructed the company, or in the case of subjects, for viewing and downloading, for use in a personal capacity.

Distribution or publication of material downloaded is prohibited without consent of the copyright holder of the original of the material downloaded (which may not be the company).

To use the access granted not to access areas denied by the login granted to the user, or to misrepresent or falsify any information supplied or to dispute any information on the website (whether in the Client area or elsewhere on the site) by posting false, misleading or aggressive claims or statements.

In the case of any factual error recognised, users are asked to contact the company, with evidence of the error, and with evidence that corrects the error, by using initially the contact forms supplied or by email to the company.  The company undertakes to correct any factual errors as soon as practically possible, details of which will be supplied when the company responds to the notification.

Use of the client area Messaging facility, is for the secure transfer of information between the client or subject and the company, and will not be used otherwise.  Any information given to the company will be for its use in the course of its work, and will not be used, disclosed, or stored once the work to which it related has been completed.  Where this information is in connection with an estate on which the company has been employed to investigate, it may be disclosed to the legal authority (solicitor or lawyers) or Administrator or Executor for the purposes under which the company has been employed by that client.

Any breach of these conditions by the user will result in access to GG Portal being withdrawn, and the loss of access, without compensation, to any user supplied information placed on the client area of the site.   Users are requested to keep copies of material they submit, and to keep copies of any material the company may have placed on the site for them.

Users, whether Clients or Subjects will be granted access for a limited time, while the company is undertaking the work to which access relates, and for a usual time of 1 calendar month after the submission of its report to its Client(s), subject to any extension of this time agreed with the company within this time frame.  After this time, access to the site will be withdrawn.

The company undertakes not to disclose any personal information supplied by the user (client or subject) for the purposes of accessing the site, including name, email address, telephone numbers or login name or passwords, to any other person, organisation or company without prior consent of the user.  The user undertakes not to allow their login details to be used by third parties without the prior consent of the company, in writing.  Our usual privacy policy applies to any user of GG Portal.

Any individual or company wanting special access to this area of the site should contact the company with a request to be granted access with reasons why access should be given, and for what length of time.  Clients or Subjects can do this via the self registration pages on the site, which will notify the company of the request, or by email.

This agreement is subject to the laws of England and Wales.

Migrange Services Ltd rev.1 Jul 2020