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Royal Family Tree

A Royal Family Tree in celebration of 100 years since Prince Philip’s birth, showing all descendants and links to 8 royal families, showing 8 generations and over 200 people.

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In celebration of the Queen’s Official Birthday on 12th June and of the 100th anniversary of Prince Philip’s birth (on 10 June), I have researched and designed a family tree that shows both their descendants, and nephews and nieces, and how they are all inter related, going back to Queen Victoria.

The family tree shows over 200 people and is in an easily readable drop line format, that when printed will stretch to over 6 meters in length.

Overall View

The family tree shows all of the descendants of George V, and of Princess Victoria of Hesse, the Windsor and Battenberg families, as well as the links to the royal families of Denmark, Greece, Yugoslavia, Russia, and the German/Austrian families of Hesse, Baden, Hanover, Prussia, Hohenlohe Langenburg, Teck and Windisch Gratz. Each of these families is shown in a distinct colour on the chart.

Central part of the chart

Covering dates from 1794 to 2021, and showing 8 or more generations of people descended from these royal families, the chart is one of the most comprehensive chart that interlinks the Battenberg and Windsor families with other Royals.

By drawing out all of these relations on one chart, it’s easy to see how they are all related, either to the Queen or Prince Philip or both.

The chart has a full description at the left side and full legend:

This chart shows the close family of both Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, showing their descendants, and ancestors back to Queen Victoria, from whom they are both descended (they are 3rd cousins).  There are several royal families included, and these have been shown only where they link into either Elizabeth II’s or Prince Philip’s family, the coloured lines show where the families are interlinked - where cousins marry cousins, and the coloured lines distinguish each Royal family.  There are some inter-relationships not shown (so not to complicate the chart), and some, but not all, of these have been indicated in italics next to the name.

All of the children of George V are shown with their descendants, as are all of Prince Philip’s siblings and their descendants, Queen Mary's relationship to Queen Victoria is also shown but to avoid over complicating the structure of the chart, the siblings of George V and those of Edward VII who do not have a link into Prince Philip’s family are not shown, and the family of Queen Elizabeth (Bowes-Lyon) is not shown. Some of the siblings of Victoria of Hesse (Prince Philip's great aunts and uncles) are shown but not all of their children and descendants. 

Names & Titles
As a listing of all given names or familiar names for many on the family tree would make each entry very long, and would detract from the overall aim of showing the relationships and inter-relationships of the families, Christian names have been given, in their English style where possible, and any change of Christian names at marriage or religious conversion have not been shown - this applies especially to the Russians and marriages into the Russian family.

Titles change through a lifetime as a consequence of deaths, inheritance and grants of title, so this family tree shows the main title at birth (or childhood before marriage, as some titles changed at marriage), and spouses are shown with their title before their marriage, which is not always their title at birth.  Some titles are shown in brackets where these would be the usual title used by that person (this is usually an inherited title or an additional title I have used to clarify a relationship not otherwise shown). 

Monarchs of the United Kingdom are given only by their reigning title, and not by their earlier titles. As some people use different titles in different places, the greater or more familiar title has been given. Princes and Princesses, children or grandchildren or a UK monarch have been shown without any additional designation, as this was not used at the time; their full title would be ‘of  the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland’ ('Northern Ireland' after 1921).  'Empress' and 'Emperor' have not been used even though these would have been used for English monarchs from Victoria to George VI. 

Absence of Title
Where a person does not have a title, or a title before marriage, their full given names and surname have been given.

Marriages, Partnerships and Children
Marriage dates are given for the first ceremony (where a marriage has taken the form of a civil ceremony followed by a religious ceremony); children are shown where they are children of the married couple or partnership, there are a few other children not shown because of birth outside of the family group of the parent shown on the chart.  Where spouses are divorced and not deceased, dates of birth are usually not given.

Dates are given according to the Gregorian calendar (converted from the Julian calendar, where necessary), and in English style;  the year of birth, marriage or death is given where a full date is not available.

The shield shows the arms of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, showing clockwise from top left, the arms of Denmark, Greece, Dukedom of Edinburgh, and Battenberg (Mountbatten).

Prince Andrew of Greece is shown twice, (shown as Philip's father, and then on the Denmark / Greece part of the family (blue lines, top left), simply because this is the clearest way of showing all the relationships, without multiple line crossings on the family tree. 

The family tree has been sourced from Debretts, Burke’s, and press and other titles, and online publications, correct up to 7th June 2021.

The Royal Family Tree is available for purchase direct from Grange Genealogy in three editions:

  • Digital Edition, as a pdf document, @ £35.00
  • Study Edition, as a colour print, 6m x 420mm @ £65.00
  • Presentation Edition, as a colour print, 8m x 594mm @ £180.00

Each copy will be marked with an edition number and date, with a certificate from Grange Genealogy of accuracy, and each printed copy will come in a rolled tube, and embossed with the company seal.

Until the 1st of July 2021, Editions are available at 20% off the standard price.

Prints are on a standard 90gsm roll of white paper, other weights and types of roll can be requested, contact us for prices. A black & white version of the Study edition is also available (on which the coloured lines are black), at £49.00.

The Digital Edition is available direct from me, once a completed order form and payment is received (notification of payment methods will be sent once the order is received). This will be a limited edition, copy protected pdf, unique to you, delivery will be via a download link.

Printed copies are available from me, via the order form below, a deposit will be required for prints of 40% of the cost, the balance to be paid on dispatch (via courier). Postage and Packing costs will be given to you with the order confirmation. As each print will be done to order, there will be a wait time of 7 days before dispatch.

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