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Secure Client Area for transfer of information

I have introduced a Private and Secure Client Area (called GG Portal) from which you can securely send me information and where you can view and download documents or correspondence for you.

A Portal is a gateway to other (secure) areas, is an appropriate name for this part of my website.

This portal provides access to parts of this website that are secure and where sensitive personal information can be passed between myself and my clients.  Clients can now upload initial estate information and family information as they have, with any scanned documents, for me to evaluate or use in tracing and research.  I will make downloadable any correspondence and documents supporting these, my research updates, my final report and family tree, and any evidence needed quickly.

There is also a private messaging area, where clients can send me a message – I get an alert and then can access any message.  Using this facility does not send any text via email, only the alerts are sent, and can be used by clients to contact me and by me to send a secure message to clients.

When I contact new clients, I will provide access for them, which they can use:  correspondence will still be sent via post and email (if not to be secure), as will copy documents and certificates.  Clients will need to use a login name and password, which I will set for them, which will be notified through post or telephone.

The portal area will shortly be secured with a SSL site certificate, providing in-transit encryption of any files uploaded or downloaded, signified by the (standard) ‘https’ in the browser address bar.

This facility will enable fast, secure and reliable transfer of sensitive personal information and research data, and I would encourage all clients to use it.

Access to GG Portal can be found on the About page, and on the main menu under ‘About’.  There are also a number of links to the login page throughout the website.

One short word about the difference between the contact forms and GG Portal:  any file uploaded to be sent to me, will be sent via email as will any message.  GG Portal uploads are not sent via email nor are any private messages, these remain on the website until read and downloaded.  If you want to use GG Portal, you can use the Contact forms to let me know and I will provide you with login details!

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