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Would you like to know how to begin your family history?

1920s Woman on bridge in ParkDo you want to find out about an ancestor, and would like to know how?   You may have got so far and are now stuck on what to do next, and need some help?

So, you have read an introductory book on family history, and you know some of the ‘family stories’ but are they true and how can you find out more?  My tutorials are designed to be a practical help to family historians, and will help you to understand research techniques, resources and record keeping skills you need to become a family historian,

deskphotos1Completely tailored family history tutorials to your own needs, in your own home, at a time of your choosing.  Designed to be flexible and to enable you to get answers to what you need.

Family Timeline: Left to Right, Past - Present, by person
Family Timeline: Left to Right, Past – Present, by person

I will arrange all the necessary materials and take you through the subjects you need assistance with, and you have the chance to make progress with your own family history project at the same time!

Sessions can be arranged for periods of 1 or 2 hours, and you can book a series of 3/4 sessions ahead – useful if you want to do some research in between and then get feedback.  There is also a series of webinars covering the many topics and one to one online sessions can be arranged, see Webinars.

Subjects covered are

  • Getting Started in Family History
  • Interviewing family members
  • Using the Census
  • Using the Registration Indexes & Searching
  • Record Keeping (by paper and by software)
  • Preparing and Printing your family tree.
  • Staying Focused in Family History

These are fairly broad subjects and are set out to provide a flavour of what you can request in a session or two.

Contact me and let me know what you are interested in learning about, or where you want guidance, and I will tailor a session especially for you.

If you want assistance with online resources, then you will need to arrange to have the session(s) where there is a broadband internet connection, a pc or mac, and a printer available, or you can register for an online webinar.


My Tutorials can be given as tutorials or talks, to a group, whether an informal, ad hoc, group of friends or to a local history or family history group.  I have specific talks about genealogical methods and experiences, please use the contact form to let me know what you wish to hear about.

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