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Whether you are a lawyer looking for genealogical help for a client, a beneficiary to an estate wondering what is going on, or someone wanting assistance with a family tree or a particular research problem, this website is designed to introduce you to what I can do.

If all else fails, give me a call, or send an email.  You can use one of the contact forms and can send a file of your own, so no need to spend time writing in a small message box on the site, if you don’t need to.  I use a number of contact forms so I can ask you to complete a relevant question specific to the part of the site that you are viewing, use the form for the pages that most interest you.

I write from time to time on genealogical issues, on these pages, and you can search for subjects that interest you here.  You can also subscribe to my newsletter which is a summary of case studies, issues and solutions genealogical published every two months and for news of new or revised services; you will be asked to confirm you subscription by responding to a newsletter email.  You can unsubscribe at any time.   I do not pass on the emails of any subscriber to any third party.

My Contact details are at the head of each page, and a complete list can be downloaded from the About page where you can find a brief bio of me.

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